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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Coco the dog spent Christmas at the kennel, enjoying friend time with the Bernese Mountain Dog and others. The following day Emily asked if I would pick her up, which I did gladly, and I brought her to Big Pink.
Coco always enters Big Pink in a state of high anticipation. Perhaps Emily will be there, but even if she is not Orng will be, and Coco is very excited by Orng. This time was no exception. As soon as she walked in she began to bark in the vicinity of the Christmas tree.
Here's a thing about Coco: if she tells you that there is a cat somewhere you can take it to the bank. I did not see Orng, or any other cat, but I believed Coco, so I started moving her, on a short leash, towards the kitchen. Of course the path was littered with boxes and packages and Christmas debris, so I was picking my way carefully when, from behind me I heard the brush of branches and the tinkle of ornaments. I turned, and saw the orange cat emerging from her napping spot, and stalking towards the dog and me, making a growling sound that made it clear that she meant business.
Like the tigers who are her cousins Orng moved forward. Her intent was clear, and I imagined I could hear her thinking. "First there was that gray cat that ate my food. Then there were the kittens, and now this... this thing. It ends now. These people are not to be trusted. What next? Elephants? Walruses? Coco the dog, I will see your head on a pike."
I got Coco out of there tout de suite, upstairs to the TV room where we could watch Lost in Space behind a barricaded door, but Orng followed, slowly, and we could hear her growling her primal growl for some minutes after, on the other side.
Truly she is a magnificent animal.

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