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William C. Altreuter

Monday, February 19, 2018

Interesting comparison:
[T]he Hill-Thomas conflagration was the first moment in American history when we collectively, truly grappled with sexual harassment. For my generation, it was the equivalent of the Hiss-Chambers case, a divisive national argument about whom to believe in a pitched political and ideological battle, this one with an overlay of sex and race.
It's a funny thing about social change- sometimes it seems as though it happens pretty quickly, but I suspect that is an illusion, and things really just gradually build up until the change is upon us. Sexual harassment is, an outcome which exists because of a failure to recognize the common humanity of us all (just like racism). I'm certainly not immune, or above criticism, but my daughters are clearly more evolved, and I think this is probably the case with many- if not most- people who are their age. And when I listen to the speech made by Emma Gonzalez the other day I have some hope that we are actually moving in the right direction.

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