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William C. Altreuter

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Reagan Administration was populated with every sort of grifter, goniff and poltroon anyone could have imagined at the time, and the Republican Party managed to persuade itself that it was a brilliant success, and that Ronnie himself was a bizarre sort of secular saint. That's the problem with lying to yourself- at some point you start believing it, and we end up with the sort of cargo-cult politics we are living with today. Do you think Paul Ryan believes in this shit? Of course he does- he really is that stupid. As for the 40% that mostly supports Trump, my guess is that roughly 10% should know better, but are so pissed off that they have persuaded themselves that trolling the rest of us is a productive and worthwhile thing to do. It is possible that Mitch McConnell falls into this group, a septuagenarian middle finger to the world of the sane

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