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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Missed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when I was in Cleveland; although there are certainly things that are less rock and roll than a rock and roll hall of fame there are also better things to do in Cleveland. Even so, like any HOF the Rock HOF is useful for one thing: nerd arguments about who should or shouldn't be in. Here Bill Wyman (the critic one) breaks it all down for you.
"Gene Simmons is so low rent his reality show makes Keeping Up With the Kardashians look like The Wire."
"Zappa did a lot of things no one really cared about. He was as prolific as anyone on this list, endured a lot of craziness in his life even his outlandish work couldn’t reflect, and died too soon. He also personified some weird griffin of rock: He was unquestionably the world’s greatest doo-wop hairy-hippie stand-up-comic free-jazz new-music rock star. For the record, his humor was sophomoric (and not arch-sophomoric, genuinely sophomoric), and most of his recordings are unlistenable, though of course I’m glad they exist for his fans."
"[Eric Clapton's] solo career, aside from Layla (technically by Derek and the Dominos) and Blind Faith, has a few early radio hits and is then consistent only in its low wattage, without a single album in the last 40 years one could point to and say, This Was God."
Read the whole thing.

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