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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Because the races that I had a personal connection to did not turn out the way I'd have liked it has taken me a few days to process the big picture, but I think I have a handle on it now, and it seems to me that the take-away is that overall this was a pretty positive outcome.

Turnout first: notwithstanding the voter suppression tactics that are baked into the system turnout was big. It is common to bemoan the fact that so many people don't vote, but I choose to look at this as a glass half full proposition. As the football coaches like to say, "we can build on this". I think this is particularly the case with young voters: they'll be back.

I also think that taking a majority in the House tells us a great deal about the America we live in versus the America I was afraid we were becoming. Those febrile Americans are still out there, and still need to be dealt with, and there will always be idiots, but I think the fever my be breaking.

Having control of the House is big for several reasons. Oversight, of course, but perhaps more importantly there is no more Republican legislative agenda. If it can't be done by a legitimate Executive Order it isn't going to happen. 

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How did Collins get back in, and if there's a criminal conviction is there any hope of having him resign?

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