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William C. Altreuter

Monday, February 03, 2020

My favorite parts of Super Bowl Sunday involve Mr. Ed's Super Bowl Warm Up and Bruce Eaton's Art of Jazz. Over the years Mr. Ed's has evolved into an event that Jim Jarvis and I run annually, and bring a Special Guest to. This year Jim brought his sister Wendy, and I brought Caroline's husband, Jared. Jared proceeded to win his age group by an impressive margin, thereby making the rest of us much faster, on average. I made it home in time for a fast shower (something had to be fast), and then on to Christian Sands and his High Wire Trio. For the next two years, while the Albright-Knox is under construction, this series is being held at Kleinhans' in the Mary Seaton Room, a beautiful venue. Sand's set was a tribute to Erroll Garner, so there were a lot of complex, melodic piano fireworks, which was cool. Garner's work reminds me of Art Tatum in a way- not so much in sound as in the fact that neither are noted for who they played with. They both are, in the truest sense, solo artists, even when backed by a trio. Sands gave his collaborators some room, but I'd have liked a little more give and take. The set also featured recorded clips of interviews with Garner and other luminaries, so it had documentary feel to it that I was not crazy about. Even so, it was great performance, and a great day overall. 

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