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William C. Altreuter

Monday, July 06, 2020

Like Marylin Monroe A sleeps with the radio on. This means that we frequently get BBC overnight followed by NPR's hourly news update. The difference is striking on a number of levels, but one notable divergence is that the BBC plays longer clips from Trump's speeches, while NPR tends to summarize them. The effect of the latter is to normalize the President's spittle-covered ravings. He really is a raging id-monster who spews hatred with nearly every syllable. He is also, incredibly, a profoundly stupid man who appears to be in significant cognitive decline. Does he believe any of it? I can't say that there is any evidence of a thought process in his speeches- apart from the visceral emotional appeal he is making to the reptile brains of his supporters I can't discern any sort of coherence in the things he says, and the way he says what he says makes it appear that he is even stupider than George W. Bush- something I'd have thought nearly impossible in a functioning adult. I can't even say that he comes across as shrewd- he is operating on the level of pure emotion.

 NPR is shielding us from reality, and failing in its mission. And I am terrified by the fact that there are Americans who either don't see what this man is doing, or are enabling him in spite of it- especially every single Republican, elected or electorate.

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