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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

 To Freshgrass at MassMoca over the weekend. This is it's tenth year, and we've been to nine of these. It is always wonderful. Notables: A.J. Lee and Blue Summit, Amythyst Kiah on Friday night. The Ruta Beggers did a commissioned piece featuring their fiddle player, Sofia Chiarandini that was quite wonderful. I was surprised by Saturday's headliner. Trombone Shorty has been out there working hard, and I've passed on seeing him a few times. That was a mistake- he puts on a great show that is more than slightly informed by James Brown. Bela Fleck is working with an all-star band. 

Perhaps the most notable part was that proof of vaccination was required, as were masks indoors. This had the effect of creating a community of trust that made the whole scene feel good.

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