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William C. Altreuter

Monday, February 19, 2024

This piece is what got me back on the Dylan train. Fittingly I was on a train when I read it- back then I was traveling several times a month from Buffalo to New York. In those pre-Jet Blue days I tried to pack as much work into a NYC week as I could, and I usually took Amtrack because the flights were prohibatively expensive. I'd load up on magazines and newspapers for the trip. The New York Observer was a good value- dense, literate and topical. Ron Rosenbaum's Edgy Enthusiast column was a special treat. I've said before that the Dylan Bootleg Series are some of my favorite Bob recordings, because they offer a sort of alternate universe Bob Dylan, one in which the songs aren't worn smooth by familiarity, and still have the ability to startle and astonish that the old stuff has somewhat lost. Thanks to this essay I went out and bought Bootleg Vol. 1-3 and fell back in love with Dylan's music. UPDATE: My timeline is wrong. The article I am thinking of was earlier. Here's more Ron on Bob

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