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William C. Altreuter

Monday, February 05, 2024

  To the Diego Rivera Quintet yesterday at the AKG Art of Jazz. I love a saxophone/trumpet quintet, and this was a terrific example of what makes this particular combination of instruments so pleasing to me. Rivera mostly works the mid-to-lower register of his horn, while his trumpet player, Etienne Charles plays at the mid-to-higher end. Rivera plays longer lines on his solos, and Charles is a bit more staccato in his approach (although he also showed impressive ability holding notes). The rhythm section likewise complemented each other, with Art Hirahara on piano, Boris Koslov on bass, and Rudy Royston on drums bringing the swing and complementing each other. Koslov was particularly notable, I thought. Rivera himself was personable and charming, and have I mentioned lately what a great room the auditorium at the AKG is?

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