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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, September 25, 2003

KRAC Athletic Director Jim Jarvis read my post about places to eat in Columbus, and made inquiries. His source reports: "For a real local treat you must eat at Blue Danube know as "the dube", famous for absolutely nothing but definitely local just north of campus on High Street. If [you] wants classy any Cameron Mitchell place such as Columbus Brewery co., Ocean Club, Columbus Fish Market, Mitchell's Steak house. If [you want] an old time Steak house the Claremont on South High. German is in German Village at Schmidt's Sausage House. Italian, furgetaboutit go to Tony's in the Brewery district. Breakfast, Nancy's in Clintonville, they call you honey, the menu is on the wall and there is no bill you just tell her what you had."

I wish we'd known about any of these, and next time I'll know to ask before I go. I figure the next time I'm likely to be in Columbus-- well, let's put it this way. Someday I want to run a marathon, and the Columbus Marathon is supposed to be a good one. Unfortunately, if the KRAK experience with the Utica Boilermaker is typical, although I'll have a decent meal, I won't exactly be chowhounding. Still, you never know.

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