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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

This is, I think, a temporary solution, but "temporary" is such a slippery thing to get a handle on. Our web host provider was purchased, or its assets were, and the out going folks decided that they were going to pull the plug, and then there was a lawsuit, and negotiations, and all the while they said they were working on it, and then, I guess, they said the hell with it. So meanwhile, like a Japanese soldier stranded on a remote island, I carried on, occasionally posting comments to other people's blogs, and pretty much writing stuff of my own even though I had nowhere to post it. My thinking was that I wanted it all back-- nearly three years of content, and all the swell graphics-- all of the effort that had gone into Outside Counsel over the years. And I wanted it better-- in Moveable Type, with comments, and trackback-- oh, it was going to be a beautiful thing, I tell you.

Like most castles in the air, however, this one had a way of not being there when the rain started falling, mostly because I never got around to starting construction. I have established to my own satisfaction that I am doing this mostly for myself-- nobody read what I was writing in July and August, but I kept writing it. I also determined, though, that I like it when people read my stuff. People commented on my absence in their blogs, and my friends and family told me that they missed this. I missed it too, so I'll do it this way for a bit, until I get it together to put the whole works back up again. For the sake of the momentum it gives me, I am putting my September entries to date up here. There's nothing very interesting there, but why not? The big event in our household over the summer was EGA's departure for college. CLA started high school, and LCA is leaving single digits behind. I'll get around to talking about those things more I expect.

So I'm back. Thanks for asking after me.

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