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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, September 28, 2003

To the Linda Yalem 5K this morning. I haven't run in all of these, and I haven't even got an unbroken string of them, but it is a race I like, and I have made a point of running it since I've been teaching, because I think it is an important event in the UB community. I gave blood yesterday, so I wasn't expecting a world beating performance, but I was pleased with what I turned in. It was a beautiful morning, perfect for this sort of event, clear, just cool enough, with the humidity washed out of the air by a torrential downpour about three hours before the gun went off. KRAC chef de cuisine David Nuzzo was in the house as well-- next week is the team banquet, and I am looking forward to that the way I used to anticipate Christmas.

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