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William C. Altreuter

Monday, October 13, 2003

I didn't know that Gregg Easterbrook had a blog until Ginger mentioned it. For the most part, I have found Easterbrook to be an interesting, thoughtful writer, who is often funny enough for me to have to read at home, so as not to risk disturbing my co-workers with snorts of laughter. I suppose one advantage of the weblog form is that it is a place to think aloud a bit, but even by that standard the idea that "no" is ambiguous is disturbingly, troublingly stupid. It is certainly true that women often use language differently than do men, but I'd have thought that "no" as a come on was a notion that went out sometime around the time that men stopped getting their hair cut at barbershops that carried Argosy and the Police Gazette. Dahlia Lithwick, naturally, gets it right. Easterbrook's notion degrades language and meaning (and, I'd say, women). Since I love both language and women, I am disturbed that I writer I enjoy reading has articulated such an idiotic position.

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