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William C. Altreuter

Monday, January 05, 2004

Bradley to endorse Dean. Hardly surprising, Bradley was as close to being a Beltway outsider as you can be when you are a senator-- he was always a maverick. The announcement is notable because it demonstrates something important about the Dean campaign that does not seem often commented upon: this guy has a sense of timing to rival Art Blakey. The Gore endorsement came at the perfect moment, now this, on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. Brilliant. Watch for the key endorsement on the eve of Super Tuesday, and tell me if I'm not right. People talk about Dean as though he is this amateur-- he has all the killer instincts, and all the tools, and he is really prepared to take the fight right to Bush. Polls that postulate the outcome of a Dean/Bush race right now mean nothing-- people are just starting to pay attention. Once the nomination is locked up, I think we will have a race on our hands, and I love the idea of Dr. Dean debating the Frat Boy. Jeb's brother doesn't have the wit-- his only advantage is that he's taller, as far as I can see. He won't have Condi Rice standing behind him at the lectern-- on his own, he's a big nuthin'.

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