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William C. Altreuter

Saturday, January 10, 2004

CLA and A both wanted to see "The Return of the King"; LCA did not, and I was indiferent at the prospect. The list of movies that are presently out there that (a) I want to see, and (ii) are something that I would bring LCA to is a short one-- I figured she wouldn't like "Lost in Translation", and "American Splendor" seemed iffy too, so we went to "Big Fish", and I am glad we did. Someone has done a very bad job of promoting this movie-- I am not sure quite what I expected, but I thought whatever it was would be frothier. "Big Fish" is, in fact, a love story, although it is a Tim Burton love story, so it is more like "Edward Scissorhands" than like anything else I can think of. Somehow I'd thought that it was going to be a story about a fabulist whose fantastic stories turn out to be true, but I think instead it is about a man who lives in a fantastic world, and sees exactly how wonderful it actually is. I liked it-- a bit draggy at times, but mostly quite good. I am surprised that it received the tepid critical response that it did, and recomend it.

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