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Saturday, January 31, 2004

In a funny way, this is turning into my favorite weekend of the year. What it comes down to is that the last weekend in January is so jam-crammed with things that I like that I am almost giddy-- plus, when it is over, everything that comes next seems mellow and easygoing. Today was the final of my Discovery class. This means that the week leading up was spent lining up volunteers to role play witnesses to be deposed. I don't have the words to thank the friends and colleagues that do this-- it is kinda fun, but mostly it is a couple of hours on a Saturday, and I really appreciate that those hours are more precious than frankincense. Thanks all of you for being the part of my class that makes it really worthwhile for my students-- and for helping play out my little law professor fantasy. What I do is watch as my students conduct the same deposition, again and again for eight hours. It is an interesting excercise-- I can see what I managed to communicate, and what I didn't get through on, and where my students came in, and where they are leaving.

Years ago, when I first started working at Acito & Klein, a lawyer came up to me in court and told me that Ray Acito was the best lawyer he'd ever seen. "I've never heard him say 'prior', and I've never heard him say 'subsiquent'," he said to me, and this year I've managed to pass that simple lesson down a bit more effectively than I have in the past. This was an interesting class, and I hope that they got more than just 'prior' and 'subsiquent'-- I think they did.

Tomorrow morning is Mr. Ed's Super Bowl Warm-Up, a 5k run in Middleport, along the Erie Canal-- the most recent addition to my favorite weekend. KRAC ran this as a team last year, but it has been a race I'd wanted to run for a long time. Like a lot of things in my life, like my teaching gig, to pick the most obvious example, it is something that I like doing that I wouldn't do if it weren't for my friends.

When I get back from Mr. Ed's, I'll be off to the Albright-Knox to see Sonny Fortune and Rashied Ali-- this year's Albright-Knox Microsoft Art of Jazz concert. I have every reason to think that A. and I will be hearing some great music. We did last year, when we saw the Campbell Brothers, and this is more up my alley.

And oh, yeah-- there's a football game on after that. All weekends should be this good. (I say Carolina by 14, just because I have a hunch.)

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