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William C. Altreuter

Friday, February 27, 2004

Ernie is good (no surprise there) on electronic discovery. We are trying to do more with document exchange on CD, but it's true-- lots of people are very resistant to this. My busy day yesterday wrapped up in Niagara Falls on a case where a new party has just appeared. Counsel is trying to get caught up, and asked plaintiff's attorney for copies of the deposition transcripts. He hemmed and hawed, and suggested that perhaps the way to do that was to contact the court reporter that had transcribed the deps. I am very interested in moving this case fast, so I chimed in: "I'll have them scanned and e-mailed to you. Excuse me for a moment, your Honor." I called my office right there, then turned back and said, "They are on your desktop. Judge, we don't need to hang this case up any longer than is absolutely necessary. Can we get a short date?" The judge, who is kind of a ballbreaker, was suitably impressed with the alacrity with which this little discovery issue had been resolved. He is inclined to move discovery fast, just to give the lawyers a hard time (and keep his docket moving, too). He spent more time jawboning the case after that than the entire exchange of hundreds of pages of material had taken. And I got a short date.

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