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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

EGA writes:

"We will not be grownups like my parents and their friends: how could we be? My peers, with their regrettable tattoos (the little prince, a three musketeers hat) and armchair communism, will never settle into respectable adult life. They will not have dull, well-paying jobs: they will have dull, non-lucrative jobs to support their feminist book collectives and anarchist zines. Their children will all have ridiculous names: when my generation starts to breed, kindergardeners will have to be called Sage A. and Sage D. and Sage W. to distinguish between them. They will go to Wiccan Sunday school and color in pictures of Gaia. My peers will all be polyamorous lesbians who will have money for Earth Balance but heaven knows where they'll get it. I can't imagine Jovana or Beth becoming adults any other way.

They will, though, I realize. As far as I know nobody stays this way into adulthood. They will all let their hair grow out and dye it brown (I already have, and it matches my eyebrows, but I look washed out and tired). A lot of them will go to law school (why does everybody go to law school?).

"I always think that if I talk to an adult about my problems, they will come up with a solution. This is never the case. Adults don't have any magic, they're just older than I am. Soon I will be an adult and, in all likelihood, an authority figure of some sort. I will not have any answers, either. But I will have a better haircut and less comfortable shoes"

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