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Monday, May 31, 2004

I heard "David" driving around listening to WFMU about a month or so ago and thought the world of it. My pockets are full of the scraps of paper that I use to jot down the names of artists I hear on FMU that I want to follow up on, but I am not as diligent in doing this as I wish I was. When I read the review of "Get Away From Me" in The New Yorker, though, I realized that Nellie McKay was someone I wanted to hear more of.

I am not sure I can remember the last time I pushed the drawer of the CD player closed and was rewarded with such a consistently hook filled, catchy, clever set. I just want to quote it: "god i'm so german/have to have a plan/please ethel merman/help me out of this jam," jerked my head around, for example, but there are little lovelies like that on every song. It's not just the lyrics, either-- these tunes are musically interesting; McKay has an engaging voice; and the overall quality of the recording is sharp and clever. I have no idea how late to the party I am with this artist, but if you haven't heard her yet, seek this side out.

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