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Thursday, July 08, 2004

It's Ringo Starr's Birthday! Happy Birthday Ringo! Thinking about it, he's probably the Beatle that got the most fun out of it, and you know that can't be bad. There was a time when rock'n'roll drummers were judged by the standard of Ginger Baker, or Keith Moon-- fast, furious, free-style; I think that Ringo's excellence tended to get overlooked as a consequence. He was never about that, but he was certainly a pro, and he is brilliant in all their movies. He also manages a nonchalant persona that is absolutely endearing: not only does he forget the words to his own hit song on the "Concert for Bangela Desh", for example, he's okay with having the moment preserved forever. For all I know, when he does the song today he repeats the gaffe. It'd be like him, I think. (Via Booknotes.)

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