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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Over at Follow Me Here, Eliot defends practitioners of this glamour profession in the context of the anticipated attacks on trial lawyer John Edwards: "As a physician, I am supposed to be all for "tort reform" and contemptuous of attorneys, but I don't stand with the stereotype of my profession in this respect. Some of my best friends are lawyers... Seriously, though, since a segment of my profession seems to answer only to monetary concerns and not at all to an ethical standard based on the privilege and burden of fulfilling the sacred trust bestowed upon them by their patients, the threat of a lawsuit may be the only effective barrier between them and negligent practices — or legitimately compensating for the damages when nothing stands as a barrier."

I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with the idea that lawyers stand as the junkyard dogs of the professions, compelling the lazy to be diligent where they might not otherwise be by holding out the threat of a lawsuit, but here at Outside Counsel we are all about legitimate compensation for damages. Lawyers help people who need help, and a guy like Edwards has certainly helped a lot of people who desperately needed it. It's nice to hear a doctor acknowlege this.

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