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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Over at Looka! a menu full of delicious sounding dishes that each contain something that someone in my family will object to, and that I will, therefore, never get to make. A. went out to dinner with her sisters, last night so I got to have another go at this Eggplant Parmesan. A couple of things make this work really well. Because A won't eat eggplant I really haven't made a nice eggplant parm since I was single. That's a long time ago, and my technique has improved quite a bit since then. I used to cut the eggplant into rounds, and layer it like a lasagnia-- for this I cut it into cubes. This seems to help it to absorb flavors of the sauce and cheese mixture. I like the breading, too: it adds a layer of flavor complexity that I never got when I was just throwing eggplant parm together. The chief thing is the sauce, however. Because it contains capers, A would scorn it even if it wasn't adorning a lovely melanzane dish. Too bad-- this is simple to make, and terrific.

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