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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kate and I have a little game we play sometimes: she picks up a copy of The Economist and we try to spot the slam on America. There's always one or two, just twitting, really, meant mostly in fun. (The KRAC game is similar, but easier: find the slam on France in Maxim.) The game is useful because it forces you to read the whole magazine-- the slam may be buried in a long article about the Horn of Africa, or something else that we'd be unlikely to read otherwise. It is a terrific magazine, but, like The New Yorker (or the New York Review of Books, or a couple of others I could mention) it is really too much to read every week. Ernie the Attorney points us to the magazine's style book, and particularly the section on Americanisms-- great stuff.

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