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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Nellie McKay is coming to the Center for the Arts. "Get Away From Me" has been making me happy all summer. By every report I've seen she is an engaging live performer, so this looks like a must attend, I think.

The other must attend on that list is David Sedaris, October 16. I am also tempted by the Derick Trucks gig, November 17. Trucks is one of the artists they play a lot on WFMU-- when I am driving around downstate, I write down the names of people I want to follow up with, and my pockets are stuffed with little scraps of paper that say "Derick Trucks". He works the jazz side of the Allman Brothers Band equation, rather than the boogie side, and I have a feeling I'll be sorry if I let him leave town without seeing him.

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