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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I love the idea of a sitcom about Bob Knight, don't you? Michael Ventre does: "When I heard that CBS and Paramount Television were developing a show based on the life and times of Bob Knight, I assumed it would be a show like “Dr. Phil,” where Bob sits down with people who have troubles and reads them the riot act until they straighten out. Or a show like “Charlie Rose,” where distinguished guests from various walks of life come on and Bob screams expletives at them until they realize that they’re not even close to realizing their potential.

"Sources tell me that Bob wanted to call his show, “Coach,” and when producers tried to explain to him that there already was a sitcom called “Coach” starring Craig T. Nelson, his face got really red and they all decided to worry about the title later.

"How about this? Through a wacky chain of events, Bob has to share an apartment with a sportswriter. Better yet, it’s the sportswriter who has to cover his Red Raiders team. We can’t get too creative with the sportswriter. He has to be the type that audiences will immediately recognize: handsome, suave, erudite, reasonable. In other words, the perfect foil for Bob."

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