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Monday, October 04, 2004

Amy Fisher's parenting tips. You know what? She's got some good advice. My theory is that there is nothing wrong with making your kids do the things they should, and everything wrong with the approach that says, "Let the kid make her own mistakes." If you have what it takes to be a parent in the first place than you have the benefit of experience. What good is that experience if you don't use it to help your kid when he's about to screw up? I am particularly down with the idea that teachers should provide parents with a list of assignments. Extracting such a list from teachers is harder than you'd think-- damn near as hard, I'd say, as getting it from your kids.

I went to bed yesterday exhausted after hounding a certain daughter, last initial "A" about an assignment. It got done, but in order for it to get done I had to stand over her shoulder for hours. Better I should do that, though, than she should turn in something less than her best work, or not turn it in at all. I've been down that road-- she shouldn't need to.

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