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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I love the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys: the meetings are notable for the substantive excellence of the programs and their luxurious surroundings. Last year we were at the Chicago Four Seasons-- perhaps the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. This year we were at the Hotel ZaZa, in Dallas, a hotel in the Ian Schrager mode. Dimly lit, with black attired, ubiquitous staff, tres chic and quirky. Bowls of DumDum lollipops here and there, eclectic art in the public areas and the rooms had amenities I've never seen before. The best had to be the "Shag Bag", a cellophane package with condoms, herbal aphrodisiacs and Altoids. The gym wasn't much (they are building a bigger one) but the spa was amazing, with an elaborate menu of cures and treatments, many designed as hangover cures. ("Day After Delight (1.5 hours). This package caters to those that know the importance of refreshing one's soul so the party can continue to go on and on. Take time to revitalize your body in our 'Hangover Lift' oxygenation bath followed by a 'Stress be off my Face' facial. Delight when others marvel at how well put together you are for another evening of energized socializing. $140"). I must report, with regret, that I did not have the time (or the need) to indulge in any of these, but just knowing that it was there somehow made me feel better.

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