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Monday, May 30, 2005

On balance I think I'd have to say that the weather did everything that could be reasonably expected for a long weekend-- sure, it rained a little for the KRAC picnic, but just a little, and not enough to spoil anything. And if a little rain was the trade off for temperatures that were just about perfect for the Buffalo Marathon (we ran the Half Marathon, and it was great)-- well, that works for me. Today dawned glorious-- the sort of day you associate with May. I wasn't up for running, but CLA obligingly agreed to go on the first official Big Bike of the season, just the thing for the day after a hard run. Nothing too extreme, just up to Old Man River for an ice cream cone and back-- 25 miles and change, leaving me a little leg weary, but pleased with my day. We saw a heron, which is always nice. He flew right over us, and CLA said, "That's crazy," signaling her approval. She has become a much stronger rider, and I am looking forward to some longer rides-- she will be ready for them.

I really like the track along the river, but running it and biking it has made it a little more familiar than it once was, and I think I want to start exploring some other routes. We started doing this a little today-- on the way back we crossed the rail bridge over the canal by the Corps of Engineers and ran along the river in the stretch up from the Peace Bridge-- that's where we saw the heron, actually. I think this summer we may try exploring the southern reaches of Buffalo, terra incognito for me. The other possibility might be to go over the Grand Island Bridge and into Niagara County, or maybe into Canada. I love Memorial Day, when all of summer's promise is out there the way Christmas is on Thanksgiving.

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