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William C. Altreuter

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Fourth Department has weighed in on l'affair d'Cellino & Barnes. The whole thing is a big deal, but I'd say the big deal that was being made over it during the time it was pending was every bit as bad. Hilariously, the spin on the thing probably works out to something like, "If caring about your clients is something that can get us into trouble, well, we suppose that's just the kind of guys we are." For their sins Ross spends the next six months in a villa in Tuscany and Steve will just have to learn to live with the shame.

The only other observation I have on this episode is that their counsel obviously did an outstanding job. I'm sure it cost them, but it was worth every penny. Reading the decision you can see what top shelf advocacy buys you: every time it looks like they are heading for the rocks, they steer away. No doubt all of the money they have spent on scholarships and civic causes helped as well-- the eight charactor witnesses "respected members of the bench and bar" sound like the sort of solid citizens that one meets by sitting on boards and whatnot. Cindi Lauper got it right.

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