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William C. Altreuter

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Here at Outside Counsel we are often pretty critical of the present Administration, and we have never been fond of its Justice Department, but when it does something right, they deserve to get credit for it. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has removed the drapes that concealed the "Spirit of Justice". We are also fans of breasts, and applaud this decision. We also note that this puts General Gonzales ahead of his predecessor, the loathsome and sanctimonious John Ashcroft: when the results are tallied at the end of the day General Gonzales will be able to assert that he did one thing right. I suppose it would be hoping for too much to wish that this could build into a streak. Actually, since General Gonzales is thought to be a contender for the next open seat on the Supreme Court, maybe he won't have time to do anything else good. We have to believe that in the wake of this decision Justice Thomas is totally psyched about having Gonzales on the bench with him. Justice Scalia is a good friend and all, but we don't get the sense that Thomas and Scalia have the same DVD collection, you know?

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