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William C. Altreuter

Friday, June 03, 2005

Tricks of the Trade. "Bookkeeper. If you are adding two columns of numbers that you expect to be equal and they are not, calculate the difference between the two sums. If the difference is divisible by 9, chances are you have made a transposition error on your adding machine (e.g. 365 instead of 356) when you punched in one of the numbers." This site is full of stuff like this. "Photolab Technician. Disposable flash cameras usually contain two AA batteries which are used for the flash. When the camera's film is used up, the batteries are still pretty new. Since the film winds in to the spool in these cameras, it's safe to break open the camera, take just the film to the lab (it's just a normal roll of film) and use the batteries for your walkman or flashlight." "Math Student. Many exams will ask you to show that some problem can solved to provide a given answer. If you cannot answer the question fully, work forward from the initial problem till you get stuck, and then work backwards from the answer. The trick then lies in framing your answer such that the gap in logic lies at the turn of a page. Thus, to a skimreading test-marker, the turn of the page is hides the fact the you cannot completely answer the question."

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