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William C. Altreuter

Friday, July 15, 2005

So, Rehnquist isn't done yet. I think you have to respect that. Stepping down now would be along the lines of Marv Levy's remark, "When you start thinking about retirement, you're already retired." The Chief is 80. His wife died a few years back. If he stops now, what he's really saying is "I'm ready for death's embrace." I'd hang on too-- I think most lawyers would. You leave this profession feet first.

It's not like the list of prospective replacements would excite him. Emily Bazelon propounded a list of conservative judges who wouldn't be terrible nominees-- too bad we won't being seeing any of them. Judge Posner we all know-- I wonder how he'd find the time? I've appeared before the Hon. Reena Raggi, who was tough, but fair-- I'd say probably the best qualified for the job of anyone I've ever been before, actually. I've never understood the high regard that John Danforth is held in, but he beats the hell out of the "A List" names I've seen. Actually, any of Ms. Bazelon's names would work for me.

The Bush people smaking their lips over the prospect of appointing a Chief Justice was more than a little unseemly. They will probably get to fill at least one more seat, but they could have shown a little more class about it.

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