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Monday, August 01, 2005

Addendum: We pre-ordered Laura Cantrell's new side to be shipped to EGA this summer (Laura Cantrell belongs to EGA), and so hadn't heard it until she came home a week or so ago. Since this is a list of songs, I will cite the lead track, "14th Street", but the fact is that "Humming By the Flowered Vine" is by far her most completely realized work, a meditation on place and displacement that is reminiscent of "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" without really being at all like it. Cantrell is mostly singing about being a Southerner who has adopted New York, but still reflects on her past-- in contrast to Lucinda Williams, who remains rooted in the south, but wanders from place to place, reminiscing about events specific to each place that she returns to.

Laura Cantrell's first two (and a half) sides are delightful, but merely held out the promise that this release makes good on. She has always had a pretty voice, and she has always found good people to play with. This time she found a good engineer, and the sound is warmer than she has been able to get in the past.

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