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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I’ve had a Calvaneso sign on my lawn since they started giving them out, and I thought we were on the same page here, but apparently not. This morning A announced that she was going to put up a a Gaughan sign. “That’s exactly how Brown is going to win,” I said, “by splitting the vote for the good candidates.” “So you admit Kevin is good,” she said. “Ha! Skillful cross-examination.”

“I admit no such thing,” I said, “But will concede that there is a hierarchy. Our household supports the Metrosexual Mayoral Candidate. What has Gaughan ever done?”

“The Mayor is a figurehead. Kevin [she has known him a long time, and actually is on a first name basis with him] has a lot of good ideas.”

“He’s never run anything. I’m not so sure he’s ever had a job. Having good ideas is something he can do just as well in the private sector.”

“He can provide the leadership, and hire a manager to take care of the day to day stuff.”

“How would that be different from electing Calvaneso, and having Gaughan continue to freelance as a gadfly?”

“You have a sign for the candidate you like, I’m going to have a sign for the one I like.”

“Could you put yours in the back yard?” I asked.


(There is a nifty new app that allows posting directly from MS Word that I used to write this. It requires a title, something I do not care for, but that is why the Metrosexual Mayorial Candidate's name is in bold at the start of this post.)

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