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William C. Altreuter

Monday, September 26, 2005

Brandy Karl used to have a pretty good law student site; now she has a promising site about practicing. Her post about "Small Firm Tech Goodies" is excellent, and timely for us; the lease on our copier is about to run out, and we've been dreading going through that mill again. Overhead is what eats us all alive, and keeping it down is what keeps small fish like us in the same game as the big guys. Tech is what makes that possible-- we have to be what Robert Fripp calls, "small, mobile, independent, and intelligent units". When we started, 12 years ago, having laptops and a website put us on the cutting edge. Things have changed, and the pace of change has quickened. For all that a great deal of what we do remains in the 19th Century, the way we do those things can't stay there.

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