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Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's not like I haven't had the opportunity, more like the opportunity hasn't been dropped in my lap. Sonny Rollins comes through Rochester pretty regularly-- he was there this summer, as a matter of fact, but I haven't ever seen him, and that's a shame. There aren't too many guys with his stature left, and what they say is that unless you have heard him live, you just don't know how amazingly great he is. So I'm intregued by the release of this new side, which sounds like it may give me a window into what the guy is like when he gets going. Francis Davis says it isn't "the Sonny Rollins album we've been dreaming of for decades," but I get the feeling that this may be because that album can't exist. For now, "Without A Song" looks like a side I need to pick up. And the next time Rollins is playing within an hour and a half's drive, I think I need to be there.

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