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Monday, October 03, 2005

Dahlia Lithwick: "In a delicious double-Cheney, the woman assigned the task of selecting the next associate justice of the Supreme Court ultimately determined that there was no one so qualified as herself. Never mind that probably 49 other women have also served as the first woman president of their state bar associations. Never mind that the credentials Miers brings to the table might have justified labeling her a "pioneer" for women's rights 25 years ago. And never mind that the best thing Bush could manage to say for her this morning was that her mom is proud. The soft bigotry of low expectations �The president has caved to the twin pressures of identity politics and confirmation politics: He's ignored the extremely well-qualified women for an unqualified one, and the well-qualified candidates for a confirmable one." in a way this pick is comforting-- it is Bush reverting to type. Just as his old man picked a certifiable mediocrity when he tapped Clarence Thomas, GW has tapped a cypher. What does this mean for the next twenty five years of Supreme Court jurisprudence? The only thing we know about Harriet Miers is that Bush has picked her. I hate to say it, but that's enough for me. Chuck Schumer, get busy! Posted by Picasa

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