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Friday, October 07, 2005

I realized last night that I hadn't really been outside, and was operating with a sort of low grade headache, so I ventured out onto the strip. The fountain was outside the Bellagio, and was synchronized to that song from "Titanic". People applauded at the end. The air was worse outside than it was inside, and the city itself was certainly no cleaner than it needed to be. The effect was something like a gigantic shopping mall, again, with gambling. I was sort of surprised to see that there seemed to be less gambling than I would have thought.

Sometimes I find myself in places that I immediately like, and sometimes I don't. I found Las Vegas profoundly depressing, but it didn't give me the weird alienated feeling I get in some places (places where German is the primary language, for example). I felt like an inert object that would pass through Vegas without any effect on either of us. I went for a run this morning with a group from the conference and was pleased that their take on the place was similar to mine-- most people repond to the idea of Vegas as though it is so much fun that I was starting to think I was missing a chromosome or something. Pretty bad place to run, by the way-- they don't seem really interested in anybody using the sidewalks.

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