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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

As always, the Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot this year provides some interesting grist. If I could vote Rick Aguilera, Bert Blyleven, Dave Concepcion, Goose Gossage, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, and Bruce Sutter would all be on my ballot. Yes, that's a lot of relief pitchers, but think about it-- they each dominated, and they had long careers to boot. That's HOF as far as I'm concerned. You'd never catch me voting for Steve Garvey or Jim Rice. And how sad is it that Dwight Gooden will never be there? If you'd told me that in 1987, I'd have thought it'd be impossible that he could miss on the first ballot. Donny Baseball, same thing. Orel Hershiser is an interesting case-- he didn't help his cause with his Mets years.

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