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William C. Altreuter

Friday, November 11, 2005

Via Backup Brain, this: Jon Corzine should appoint Bruce Springsteen to the United States Senate. It makes sense, in a crazy sort of way-- he wrote the New Jersey anthem after all. Beyond that, The Boss's positions on just about everything that might come up are well known, and he has a ligitimate stake in taking a principled stand-- Joe Biden can let his soul slowly erode away, because nobody can remember what he ever stood for, least of all Joe Biden. Bruce has a career based on his integrity that he have a hard time going back to if he voted in favor of drilling in the Alaska wilderness. He has a reputation for honesty, which would interesting in New Jersey politics. And he is at least thoughtful, which is a rare quality in the majority of the population, and something you hardly see at all I the United States Senate. Why not?

(I wonder if he owns a tie.)

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