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William C. Altreuter

Monday, December 05, 2005

"Have you stood on a high and windy hill and heard the acorns drop and roll? Have you walked in the valley beside the brook, walked alone and remembered? Does Christmas smell like oranges to you?"

Inspired by my recent visit, I added Robert Altman's "Nashville" to our Netflix que. I'd remembered it was terrific, but very little else about it, and was really knocked out by how really well it has held up. Back when it was released I remember thinking that the music was too hokey, but now I like it-- even when it is hokey, like with Henry Gibson's stuff. I was also just knocked out by some of the performances. Ned Beatty -- Ned Beatty!-- almost steals the movie. Best of all, even though the place in the movie does not resemble the place where I was, both had in common the thing that seemed to me to define the place: everybody was either in the business, or looking to break into the business, any way they could. Great stuff.

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