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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, January 01, 2006

EGA and I weren't looking for luxury, just a cheap place to crash after They Might Be Giants. The JFK Inn fit the bill-- if you were looking for no luxury, it'd be the perfect place to start your hunt. A sign behind the plexiglassed front desk said, "Important: Strobe Lights Can Be Obtained At The Front Desk." We puzzled over this for the rest of the evening-- why would hotel guests request strobe lights? In room disco parties? Something about the seedy appearance of the room suggested that perhaps the premises might be used for filming 70's period pornos-- maybe the strobes had some cinematic application. Overcome with curiosity, when we returned to the hotel after the show, I asked for a strobe. The desk clerk produced one, then asked, "Do you know what it's for?" "Actually, no," I confessed. "That's why I asked." Come to find out they are for deaf people, for the phone and the alarm system. We passed on the strobe after that.

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