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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The notion represented by this map is an entertaining one, but I think it'd be more interesting if it were a bit more contemporary. I don't care as much about pre-Columbian food as much as I care that South Carolina is where they've got that interesting mustard based barbeque, or where fish tacos start. It's the niche stuff that's really the most interesting-- I had a pastrami sandwich yesterday , re-affirming that you can't get a good pastrami sandwich here in Chicken Wings Nation. Actually, it'd be most useful as a series of Roadfood overlays. Hot dogs: grilled, boiled or deep fried? Here be White Hots. Pizza, too could benifit from this treatment. It is not entirely true that there is no decent pizza norht of Yankee Stadium-- the folks in the Nutmeg State have done interesting work, and there's the whole pineapple thing that I don't really understand. Styles of chilli-- how far around Cincinnati is the spaghetii ring? Of course it would be good to chart the trend in barbeque from dry rubbed pork west through to wet sauced beef. As they say in the social sciences, clearly Further Research is Needed. (Via Saute Wednesday.) Posted by Picasa

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