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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This view, from Windows Live Local, gives an even better sense of what we are talking about. We are looking east. Delavan is the street at the far left of the photograph, and Delaware is running from Delavan, past the Parkway, and into Gates Circle. You can see the gas stations on either side of Delaware and Delavan and we are facing the present storefronts where Walgreens wants to be. This pretty clearly illustrates the parking problem we have been talking about-- other than the lot across the street from the hospital there doesn't seem to be room for any. This shot also illustrates how the gas station/convenience store on the southwest side of Delaware really fits badly-- it is in the back yard of the houses on the parkway. The buildings on the northeast corner of the circle are really what fits in this area-- fronted by greenspace they make an attractive presentation to travelers entering the circle, as do, of course, the existing buildings where Wlagreens wants to be. Viewed this way, it's hard to see where they'd put it. Posted by Picasa

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