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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, January 19, 2006

When I was a New Yorker I read at least three and often five newspapers a day. The Times, of course, Newsday (underrated), the WS Journal and a tab or two, mostly for the sports. I've cut way back, even though I still think of myself as a newspaper kinda guy, but I'm finding that my internet time resembles my newspaper time, even though I seldom read the Times or anything else like that online. ESPN, Slate, Salon-- and a roster of funnies. My brother, GJA has alerted me to Alien Loves Predator and I've been following Diesel Sweeties for a while. I think the one I like best is Queen of Wands which is actually in reruns, so this is my second time through. Newspapers wonder why their circulation is declining-- no Gil Thorpe and Mallard Filmore or Prickly City instead of good funnies might be part of the problem.  Posted by Picasa

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