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William C. Altreuter

Monday, January 30, 2006

You know who make me tired? Senate Democrats, that's who. You just know that most of them recognize the Alito nomination as something that will yield only bad results for those of us who believe that governmental power over individuals should be limited, and that the power of the Executive branch should be balanced by the legislature. Even though they know this, they can't get their act together to mount any sort of meaningful opposition. Have a look at this list, from Tim Grieve's "War Room":

Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, who hasn't announced her vote on Alito but opposes a filibuster anyway: "It is imperative that we remain focused on creating the tools New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast will need to rebuild ... We simply cannot afford to bring the Senate to a halt at a time when we need its action the most."

Democratic Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, who will vote against Alito but won't support a filibuster: "While I personally cannot support Judge Alito's confirmation on the Supreme Court, there is not a smoking gun in his past that would warrant 'extraordinary circumstances' and subsequently a filibuster against his nomination."

Democratic Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden, who will vote against Alito but won't support a filibuster: "I see no reasonable prospect that a filibuster would work."

There are more. I've said it before: the difference between a Senate Democrat and a sheep is that a sheep is good for wool.

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