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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stephen Schlesinger makes an excellent point: Bush was fading in popularity before September 11 because his policies were unpopular. His current low approval ratings really reflect a return to what would have been his baseline had Al Qaeda terrorists not attacked the country, with additional erosion attributable to the trainwreck that is the war in Iraq.

In other words, the Bush agenda is not popular. I wonder if there are any Democrats that recognize this? Kerry wanted desperately to distinguish his plan for the country from the direction that Bush was going, but he couldn't do it. Hamstrung by the fact that he'd voted in favor of a lot of it, Kerry was terrified that he'd look like he was vacillating. The junior senator from New York might have a similar problem down the road, although she may be more adept at dancing around it-- ol' Bill always was.

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