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Monday, May 01, 2006

More on Buffalo Seminary's Malcolm Watson. I continue to think that the whole thing is impossibly sad. CLA says that she believes the 15 year old girl is at least somewhat culpable, but I really can't bring myself to see it that way. Fifteen is old enough to know better, but the plain fact is that if we were all called to judgment for the things we did when we were 15 we would all be the sorrier for it. We get a little bit of a free ride when we are young and stupid, if not from our peers than at least from adult society. Inclined as I am towards forgiveness, I wouldn't have it any other way. Inclined as I am towards the judicial process, I think the fact that the story slips in that when he was arrested the cops found an unopened condom and an empty condom wrapper inside his coat on the passenger seat of his car is something of a cheap shot. That's a little more information than had emerged in the press to this point. I don't see how it helps anything or anybody, and it has the quality of something leaked by the prosecution.

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