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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I was giving my final last night, but received an update on the mouse situation from A.. "Lancaster was carrying it in her mouth in the kitchen, but then she put it down and it ran away. Later, CLA said that Anouk was carrying it in the dining room, but she let it go, too."

My efforts at cross-examination were not successful. When I asked A why the cats were doing this she objected on the grounds that the question called for the operation of another's mind. The cats merely blinked inscrutably when I interrogated them. Nevertheless, being the glass half full kind of guy I am, I am inclined to view this as a positive development. Perhaps the cats have adopted the mouse as a pet. If this is true, it would seem to confirm my single mouse theory. Of course, it could be that the cats have somehow reached the erroneous notion that their role in our household ecosystem is in the field of Vermin Transportation, rather than in Rodent Removal. Repeated viewing of My Neighbor Totoro could have created this mistaken impression, I suppose. That would be a less salubrious development, suggesting as it does a mouse population that requires a mass transit infrastructure.

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